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2009-12-17 12:09 pm
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It is my belief that you should start a journal with something excellent. I don't have an adequate quantity of excellence in me just now, so here is someone else's brilliance. Guerrilla Handbell Strikeforce below!

At the moment I plan to lurk, mostly; I'm an LJ not-exactly-convert, though I may become more active here and less active there if the censorship gets too wacky (it hasn't affected me yet, but it doesn't please me.) I'm chocochan (handle chosen when I was too young and foolish to know better, alas) on livejournal, if for some reason you feel like tracking me down there. I tend to post about RL shenanigans and interesting things I've found on the internet (see above.) I like parenthetical statements. (A lot.) (No, seriously.) And that's about it. (In summary: Hello! Nice to meet you!)